Ruth S. Baltimore, Maryland, USA - winter 2021

After one year of energy intervention my 17-year-old daughter's IEP test jumped from 39th percentile to 83rd percentile. Even her teachers were shocked.

Ian Davies United Kingdom 2020

As crazy as it seems it does work! I don' understand how, but it does. [My son's] language is really good, new words every day, depth of expression quite good.

Sandy D New York 2020

My mom said [my daughter] spoke 2 sentences! She was so shocked she looked and checked to see if anyone else was in the room!!!  LOL

Yenny C in Maryland 2020

My son is doing so well! He has come such a long way - I am ecstatic! 

Michell L in North Carolina 2020

Everything is going great! That parasite treatment helped tremendously! M has been doing amazing in school lately and is actually able to do all of his work without issues! Even my Dad noticed a difference over the phone!

Wendy B in Maryland 2019

After 2 years of treatments with Anne Evans, Ryan, our son, received an outstanding IEP (Independent Evaluation Plan) review. He has lost his Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) for the first time in 12 years due to his mastery of controlling his body, not banging, destroying school property, or grabbing others roughly. His motor coordination has improved and he has been invited to attend a couple of mainstream classes. Ryan's Speech Pathologist noted that Ryan is able to attend to speech and to listen and respond. Ryan is easily caring for himself at home. He has gone 6 months with no bathroom accidents. He has gone 2 years free of antibiotics. There is much more language at home stringing 5 to 6 words together.

Christine S in North Carolina 2018

[Our son] has exhibited far more normal behavior concerning major life events. My father has noticed and shared that he didn't even think [our son] was autistic anymore!!!

Kristen R in Maryland 2018

I want to share some exciting news! Working with [our son's] teacher over the past month, she came up with a way to integrate him into mainstream classes. He started...in an English class with 10 other kids that are on IEP's but mainstream...and a Microsoft class with mainstream kids. Just typing this now is making me cry. I can't explain to you how much [our son] has changed over the past year and how much our family has changed because of you [Anne].

Lorey MH Georgia 2018:

No migraines in a month, I'm back on my eating plan because my cravings are finally under control, my periods are completely back on track. I'm thanking God everyday for the healing that has taken place. I'm just astounded.

Tayja From South Carolina:

I think my energy has improved after balancing my hormones. My wrist...is not hurting at rest nor swollen like before. I stopped taking my anti-inflammatories....So far I am okay. I'm blown away to see this kind of improvement and excited to see what's to come. I really do feel like I am starting to heal. Thank you!!

From Masuma in California:

Mrs. Evans is a blessing from Heaven. I'm so happy about the progress [my child] is making with each treatment.  From rare eye contact to much eye contact, from frustration to gladness, from crying to smiling, from constipation to regularity, from wondering to awareness, from confusion to more interaction and curiosity, from hyper and irritated to calm and focused. 

From Lupita in Mexico:

I found Anne in December 2015. My son had severe autism and had been suffering with constipation and very painful acid reflux for years. Even drinking water caused reflux. No matter the special diet, enzymes or probiotics I used, he did not get better. The first thing Anne did was treat him for water. Immediately the reflux grew less and his bowel movements normalized. Anne has taught me the points for gall bladder and it changed and improved his digestion. After 6 months we have cleared some vaccines. The results are amazing. He is more calm and focussed. There is more eye contact. Anne is very supportive and effective.

From Kendra in Maryland:

My son is 7 years old and has been nonverbal with autism. We started with Anne and [in  three months], he is doing better in school, he is sleeping much better over all, He was non-verbal, now we hear momma, daddy, hi, goodbye, thank you. He is much better during his sessions. Initially he would cry and hit his head and legs, but we haven't seen that behavior in two months. I am very grateful for Anne Evans.

From Amy in New Jersey

I see so many people playing guessing games with biomedical stuff and we have come further since starting with [Anne Evans] than anything else.

From Katie in South Carolina

I have to share. My daughter has always been a sick kid, loaded with antibiotics and always sick. I am happy to report my daughter has been antibiotic-free since  April 2016 when starting with Anne Evans. (Updated May 2017)...so amazing!!!

From Heather in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We just got back from an IEP meeting for our son and he is meeting all goals and they said they don't know what has happened over the last couple of months, but it's like a switch has been flipped and he is social and engaged and WOW!! - started Dec. 2016, written May 2017.