A Brief Explanation of Integrated Chinese Medicine, or Energy Medicine (as I experienced it) 

In all of my years in undergraduate school, studying microbiology, and my years in graduate school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, I studied what I believed to be all of the major pathways of the human body: the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the lymph system, the central nervous system, the endocrine system, the immune system, the digestive system, and so on. I believed I had it all covered. What I did not know, and what is not studied in American medical schools, is that there is yet another complete system in the human body. It has been extensively documented and studied for over three millennia in the Orient. It is well documented in Oriental, Russian, and some German medical literature. It goes by many names, the Qi, Chi, vital energy, élan vital, eloptic energy, scalar energy, and the meridian system to name a few. In eastern Europe, it is occasionally referred to as submolecular biology or bioelectricity. 

So how does the energy heal, and what is energy medicine (EM)? The energy itself does not heal; it simply exists, in the same way that blood exists. It runs along pathways in the body called meridians, as blood runs through the veins. When a blood vessel is broken, it must be repaired. When a meridian is blocked, it too must be repaired or the body is out of balance and disease sets in. This is what acupuncture does. It clears blocked meridians and allows the body to heal itself. On young children acupressure is often used instead of acupuncture. Not just any acupuncturist can perform a complete energy medicine program. It is unique and requires a specially trained practitioner. The practitioner does not need a degree from a Western medical school, but should have a degree from a school of traditional Chinese medicine and does need to be licensed by the state. A good EM practitioner combines several techniques, and he must be sufficiently trained in all of them. There is an additional technique, derived from scalar energy, known as Field Control Therapy (FCT). It has it’s roots in homeopathy and involves the analysis of the body using a mathematical algorithm to determine the level of tissue degeneration for each organ individually. The mathematical algorithms were derived by Savely Yurkovsky MD and William Tiller PhD, the former chairman of the materials science department at Stanford University. FCT greatly enhances the combination of the first three techniques by enabling increased detoxification of specific organ tissues at a deeper level. 

The backbone of EM is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The principle behind TCM, in addition to the vital energy, is the five-phase theory in which ten major organs of the body are arranged into a system where one organ either nourishes or inhibits the functioning of another. The organs are subsequently divided into two groups, those associated with fluid properties and those associated with warming properties. In examining a patient with an immune system breakdown, the physician does not use any invasive techniques such as blood tests, scratch tests, or biopsies. Instead, he uses a general inspection of the patient’s complexion, body language and tongue, plus a patient history, aural inspection of the patient’s voice, detection of any body odors, and a sophisticated pulse test, which includes six pulses from each wrist. The entire system is thousands of years old. 

The second major component of EM is applied kinesiology, which is a modern use of the ancient techniques. It was developed by George Goodheart, DC, of Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Goodheart discovered that when an allergen comes into contact with an allergic person it blocks the flow of vital energy and creates muscle weaknesses. From this concept he developed a method of testing patients for individual sensitivities by having them hold a suspect item and pressing against the opposite arm to measure muscular strength. If the individual is not sensitive to the item, he or she will remain strong and can withstand pressure on the arm. If the individual is sensitive to the item, there will be a disruption in the individual’s energy field causing him/her to lose muscular strength and the arm will drop. With a well-trained practitioner this method is very revealing. A patient can discover sensitivities he never knew he had. Another name for the technique is muscle response testing or MRT. 

The third major component of EM is NAET, which is an acronym for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET is based on a centuries-old technique of balancing the body’s energy for individual substances. Devi Nambudripad MD PhD LAc DC is the doctor who has standardized this technique in the United States. A personal discovery led her into the field. 

Numerous sources state that Dr. Nambudripad was a nurse in Southern California in the mid 1970s. She had suffered from severe allergies, eczema, bronchitis, and migraine headaches. An acupuncturist speaking at a chiropractic college recommended a diet of white rice and broccoli, which were the only foods she did not react to when tested. She did recover; yet, if she attempted to eat anything else, her illnesses returned. She remained strictly on this diet for three and a half years. 
One day, while in the kitchen, cooking rice, she absentmindedly put a few bites of carrot into her mouth. She began to feel faint. Her husband recognized that she needed help and brought his acupuncture needles. He inserted the needles at the prerequisite acupuncture points, and she slept for forty-five minutes. Upon waking, she felt unusually refreshed and filled with energy. She noticed that pieces of carrot had remained stuck to her hand. She quickly made the connection between holding the food she was sensitive to and the energy fields and acupuncture points. She then tried eating carrots and was amazed to find that she was no longer allergic to them. 

After testing other foods, she soon standardized a technique that eliminates allergies permanently and rebuilds the immune system from the inside out. She and her husband have built the NAET Research Institute, which is rapidly systematizing and designing protocols for the energy medicine industry. In 2001, there were a thousand NAET practitioners in the United States. Today, the number has reached twelve thousand worldwide, with most of them in the United States. 

Today, the technique is performed by holding a small glass vial containing only energetic frequencies, also labeled electromagnetic signatures, of the offending substance in a substrate of distilled water—just enough to contain the unique energy of the substance. The patient holds the vial while the practitioner inserts needles at the acupuncture sites (or uses acupressure in children). The patient rests for an hour and is then free to go. However, for the twenty-five subsequent hours, the patient may neither eat nor touch the item being treated for. This is referred to as an avoidance. During that time, the energy passes through all of the meridians of the body. Once the patient “tests strong” for a substance using MRT, he is referred to as being “cleared” for that item. The patient may continue to “process” the substance, however, as the body rids itself of the stores in the organs, blood, and tissues. After the twenty-five-hour period has passed, the patient may once again touch and/or eat the item for which he is being treated. 

The combination of kinesiology (for detecting weakness), acupuncture (for an understanding of the energy), and NAET and FCT (for clearing specific substances from the body) is extremely powerful in restoring the body to health. FCT also balances neurotransmitters, hormones and more. With this combination a practitioner can isolate very specific tissues and rid unwanted toxins, parasites, latent viruses, and heavy metals from the body without the use of chemicals.

The figure below shows the pathways, or meridians, the energy follows throughout the body. The energy passes through each major organ of the body.

What is Energy Medicine?