Our expert, Anne M. Evans MA CHLC CCNS, has more than 20 years of healthcare experience.  

Formerly a microbiologist and VP of marketing for two global biotech firms, Anne married in 1993, and gave birth to her daughter, Sarah, in 1995. Sarah was diagnosed with autism in 1999. Anne set about to find a means of recovery. What she discovered was the future of healthcare. Anne cured her daughter and wrote the award winning book "Beating Autism." Then, she became certified in the very techniques that cured her child. Today she runs her office in Annapolis, MD.

We strive to educate parents in a new modality of medicine based not in pharmaceuticals, but in energetic resonance frequencies. We provide an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of your child's symptoms. Then we relieve the the cause, revealing a healthy, well-balanced child.

  • There is a simpler way to get an underlying diagnosis
  • There is a recovery method that restores potential in your child
  • There is a gentler way to relieve symptoms
  • No pharmaceuticals or expensive herbal supplements are used.

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Beating Autism: How Alternative Medicine Cured my Child is the full account of the steps Anne took to heal her daughter. It includes her  recovery journals plus the before-and-after medical tests to demonstrate the efficacy of the recovery program she used.

Our services stem from a unique new blend of ancient techniques based in traditional Chinese medicine. We offer:

• Immune Boosting Techniques

• PANDAS Elimination without drugs

• Nutrition Coaching

* Recovery from Lyme's Disease

• Relief from Hyperactivity

• Field Control Therapy

• Detoxification of Heavy Metals 

If you live in the mid-atlantic area, you can call Anne's office at (410) 353-4659 for a free consultation. However, don’t worry if you don’t live near by. The majority of Anne's work is performed world wide via social media. Call her at the number above or contact her on Facebook at Autism Treated and Cured for more information. Click the link below: